Results HQ is used to keep track of our athletes performances and the best part for you is that you can see it too! Once athletes are registered you will receive access to Results HQ. We haven't put results in yet as the majority of our athletes are trial athletes so once we have resumed into normal competition with registered athletes, we will input results so you can see at home!


After each weeks competitions once we've inputted the results into the online system, you can log on to view individual athletes results. This shows PBs (we have something special planned about PBs so watch this space), season bests, and a progress on how athletes perform week in week out.


There are some awesome features on Results HQ so once registered it is worth having a look. It is awesome!

Please follow these steps to be able to view results:
2. Click on Trouble logging in
3. Enter your email as your username
4. Press Submit
5. You will get an email with the log in details for your family area
For any help, questions or problems with using ResultsHQ or athlete’s event results please contact us or see Lynton on Saturdays.