Uniform – PRLAC competes at Centre level (home), Region and State levels.  At Centre, Region and State level, the official uniform is black shorts (above the knee) with no pockets, no logo or stripes, together with the Centre’s official singlet, which can be purchased after registration has been paid.  You may also wear a white t-shirt under the singlet.

 The cost of the Centre’s official Singlet (red, black and white design) is $38.00.

 At Centre level, a white t-shirt may be worn under the singlet:-

Girls – under their shorts may wear plain black ankle length leggings.

Boys – under their shorts may wear black or skin colour ankle length ‘skins’ .

Under 6 & Under 7 girls and boys may wear black tracksuit pants under their shorts. 

No logos. 

Please note:  Leggings, skins, tracksuits and t-shirts cannot be worn at Region or State level.

 No athlete will be allowed to compete unless they are wearing the correct Centre uniform with a registration label attached. If the registration label is lost or damaged, a replacement label is available at a cost of $2.00.

 Footwear must be either runners or track shoes.  Bare feet are not permitted.  Spikes are to be no longer than 7mm.  Grass spikes are not permitted. 

 Spikes can only be worn for age groups Under 12 and up.