Commmittee 2014-2015

Executive & Committee 2014-2015 season

Role & name


President – Rob Walsh

The President is the principal leader and has overall responsibility for the centre’s administration.

The President chairs meetings of the Centre Committee. In addition, the president carries out additional official duties to maintain relations with the Association Board of Management, the region, and the public.


Vice President – Paul Rusic

The Vice President is the immediate support position to the role of President and the occupant is required to be conversant with the business and current activities of the centre.

In any temporary absence of the President planned or un-scheduled, the Vice President is required to carry out the duty or role, and accept the responsibilities of the President position for that particular occasion.

Secretary – Christina Carelli

The Secretary is chief administration officer of the centre.This person provides the co-ordinating link between the members, the centre committee and the outside agencies. The Secretary is a person who can communicate effectively, think clearly and positively, maintain confidentiality on relevant matters, manage and supervise others, organise and delegate tasks.

Treasurer – Philip Martin

The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer of the centre.

The tasks of the Treasurer include preparing the annual budget, planning for the centre’s financial future, regularly monitoring revenue and expenditure, and assisting other committee functional areas with financial matters.

Registrar – Amanda Harrison

The Registrar is the management officer of all aspects of competitive member registrations of the centre.

Assistant Treasurer – vacant

The role of the Assistant Treasurer is to assist the Treasurer in their duties as directed.

Technical & Cross Country – Philip Martin

The Technical manager oversees the maintenance and operation of all centre equipment as required for competition including markings and set up.

Cross Country – Vacant

The Cross Country Manager role is to plan and arrange the season program of Cross Country and manage the participants and assistants. 

Assistant Arena Manager - Leanne Richards

The Arena Manager is responsible for the safe and timely conduct of the competition program.

Chief of Officials - Michael Grenade


Director of Coaching - Anthony Pospisil


Coach 2 - Amanda Hopes


Team Manager & Education Coordinator / WWC - Trudi Milne

The Team Manager is the person to co-ordinate and manage all aspects of athletes participating in special competition events including Association Championship events.


Education Coordinator/WWC:

The primary responsibility of this role is to identify the centre’s needs in educational and development requirements and arrange for parents to participate in educational programs .

Canteen Manager - Dawn Dawkins-Walsh

The Canteen Manager controls the operation of the canteen at the centre venue and special events as directed. The Manager is responsible for the canteen financial management and operations of the canteen to arrange supplies and assistant volunteers as required to service the canteen operations.

Fundraising Manager - Silvy Carta

The Fundraising Manager is to plan, set event targets and arrange various functions during the season to raise funds with the aim to achieve the centre’s budgeted figure for fundraising.

Records and Rankings & Marketing and Promotions Manager -  Amanda Harrison

Records and Rankings is responsible for collecting, maintaining and disseminating information on centre members performance.


The Marketing & Promotions Manager is to ensure that all centre, region and association activities are suitably promoted throughout the centre, to all members and their families. In addition, the Coordinator is responsible for the profile of the centre.  This responsibility extends to media exposure, community involvement, awareness and sponsorship.


Special Events Coordinator - Christina Carelli


Coordinate Centre Championships, trophies, awards and all special events as determined by the centre committee.



VACANT - Website Manager

Website Manager

The PRLAC website is a key information tool for new enquirers and members alike, presenting introductory information, calendars of events, policies etc.